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Where to find us
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The specialities and typical products of the Landes

Discover the culinary specialties of the Landes

You are visiting the Landes and would like to discover the culinary specialties of the Landes?

Land of culture and breeding, the Landes has a wide variety of authentic, tasty and quality local products!

Duck, poultry, asparagus, Adour kiwi, spirits... The team of the restaurant LTitre 2a Tchanka in Castets proposes you to discover a selection of the numerous typical specialities of the Landes which make the richness of the region and which are to be discovered during your passage in the Landes!

Where to taste the typical products of the Landes ?

Convivial and greedy, the culinary specialities of the South-West can be tasted in the Landes restaurants or during the lively markets of the region, like the one of Dax.

Discover different specialties that you can taste in the region! 🥮

Landes dishes and meats


The Landaise salad/ the Landaise plate 🥗

The first specialty that we discover is the Salade Landaise. It is composed of various ingredients: salad, duck foie gras, Bayonne ham, slices of smoked duck breast, white asparagus, corn, duck gizzards and pine nuts.

This is a very tasty dish that we appreciate for its richness of products from the Landes region!

The beef of Chalosse 🥩

Raised for 3 years in the pastures of the region, then fattened for 6 months, the beef of Chalosse is a Label rouge and I.G.P. meat.

The Chalosse beef can come from different breeds, such as the Blonde d'Aquitaine, the Limousin or the Bazadaise.

Very tasty, tender and juicy, this meat of very good quality has a sweet marbled taste.

Good to know: Chalosse beef respects a very controlled breeding method as well as a protected geographical indication.

Landes desserts


The Pastis Landais 🥮 

The Pastis Landais is not an alcoholic drink as its name might suggest, but a light brioche! Rich in butter, the Pastis Landais is very often decorated with orange blossom, anisette, vanilla or rum.

❓ Good to know: Its Gascon name means "paste"!

La Tourtière 🥧

Another specialty of Landes desserts, the Tourtière! This dessert can also be called the Apple Croustade or the Pastis Gascon depending on the department.
It is a pie that is filled with prunes or apples, then covered with a thin puff pastry. Its particularity is that it is flavored with Armagnac.



Fruits and vegetables from the Landes


The Kiwi of Adour 🥝

The Kiwi of Adour is a red label and I.G.P. product. Benefiting from adequate climatic conditions for its production, this fruit offers a soft and sweet taste, without being acid!

The Asparagus of the Sands of the Landes 🌱 

Another specialty of the Landes region is the Asparagus of the Sands! These vegetables have a gourmet and light taste!
Thanks to the sandy soil of the region as well as the mild oceanic climate, this vegetable enjoys conditions that are favorable for its production.

❓ Good to know: Their rather peculiar color is due to the fact that they are picked before they even see the sunlight.

Discover the Restaurant La Tchanka in Castets 

Ideally located on the axis A63 / N10, exit N°12, near Dax, the Restaurant Grill & Bar La Tchanka in Castets is an ideal place to take a gourmet break before resuming your visits or the road of your vacations!
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