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Where to find us
+33(0)5 58 97 06 06
Where to find us
+33(0)5 58 97 06 06

Bœuf de Chalosse: an exceptional meat

The Landes, an authentic land and a gastronomy rich in flavours...

At the heart of Landes gastronomy

In the heart of the Landes, between ocean and forest, lies Chalosse, a land of livestock farming with age-old traditions... 🐂

It's here that Bœuf de Chalosse (Chalosse beef) is born and bred, an exceptional meat with IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) and Label Rouge status that has been delighting gourmets for generations. 

A unique terroir for a meat of excellence

Bœuf de Chalosse is the result of ancestral know-how handed down from generation to generation.

The cattle, mainly of the Blonde d'Aquitaine and Limousin breeds, graze freely on the lush green meadows of Chalosse. They feed on rich, varied grass, gorged with sunshine and sea air, which gives their meat a unique flavour. 🌾

Authentic flavour and incomparable tenderness

Bœuf de Chalosse is an essential part of Landes gastronomy. It is available in an infinite number of traditional and revisited recipes, to the delight of gourmets. Entrecôte, rib steak, roast, bourguignon, daube... the possibilities are endless for savouring this exceptional meat. 🥩

This meat is distinguished by its intense red colour, fine marbling and tender, melt-in-the-mouth texture. Its flavour is powerful and authentic, with lightly marbled notes and a slightly sweet finish.

Visiting the Landes? 

Take a well-deserved gourmet break! 

Near Dax and halfway between Bordeaux, Bayonne and Biarritz, discover La Tchanka Restaurant Grill & Bar. 🍴

Whether you're looking for a gourmet break during a Landes getaway or on your way to your holiday in Spain, our establishment offers a warm and elegant setting for savouring a moment of gustatory pleasure. 🛣️

Let yourself be tempted by our menu, rich in flavours and discoveries. The friendly and refined atmosphere of our restaurant will allow you to relax and enjoy your meal to the full.

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